Financial Calculators

In this section you will find several free financial calculators, which have been created to help you manage your personal finances and make smarter financial decision.

Net Worth Calculator 

The net worth calculator is there to help you to assess your current net worth. Clearly identifying your assets and liabilities, and thereby determining your net worth, will help you get a clear view of where you are with your finances right now. This in turn will help you set financial goals for the future.

Savings Calculator

Using the savings calculator you can compute how much capital you can amass by starting with an inital sum and adding monthly contributions for a given annual rate of return. This calculator illustrates the power of compound interest when it comes to saving and investing.

Credit Card Payments Calculator 

The credit card payments calculator computes how long it will take you to pay off your existing credit card debt given your balance and % APR. This calculator shows you the value of paying off your credit card debt as fast as possible, as the interest payments make up such a large amount of your existing credit card debt.