Friday, August 18, 2017
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make money with bitcoin

10 Ways to Make Money with Bitcoin

Since bitcoin's recent highs, the cryptocurrency has once again awoken the interest of the media, regulators, and speculators. Both the reputation and the regulatory environment for bitcoin is turning for the positive around the...
websites that let you pay with bitcoin

7 Major Websites That Let You Pay With Bitcoin (That You Probably Didn’t Expect)

Bitcoin is the oldest and most prominent cryptocurrency in the market today. It also sports the highest merchant adoption rate with over 100,000 merchants across the globe accepting bitcoin as a means of payment....

TransferGo – a new Startup Shaking up the Money Transfer Market

The international money transfer market, once dominated by banks and large MTOs (money transfer operators) Western Union, and MoneyGram, has witnessed massive disruption by new fintech startup that are leveraging technology to undercut their...
popular side hustles

3 Popular Side Hustles That Don’t Work

So-called 'side hustles' have become extremely common among millennials. It is uncommon to find fully dedicated employees who work from 9-5 without having something else that earns a little income on the side. In...

7 Things To Invest Your Time In When You’re Young

When you are in your 20s or early 30s there are several important investments you can make to build an amazing life for yourself in the future. And not all of these investments are...
Ways To Invest In Africa As a Small Investor

3 Ways to Invest in Africa as a Small Investor

Africa is widely considered as a 'hot' frontier market to invest in. Economic growth across the continent is outpacing other emerging markets. For example, Kenya has been growing at over 5% annually from 2004 to...

Is The Convenience of eWallets Worth The Cost?

Money is changing at a rapid pace. A worldwide cash-free society is not far away and as such, online services and apps are popping up at every available opportunity. eWallets are fast becoming one...
US Robo Advisors

The Ultimate Guide To US Robo Advisors

In this post, you will find an overview of the best US Robo Advisors. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned investor, this guide can help you make an informed decision as to...
new prepaid debit cards you can use to manage your spending

3 New Prepaid Debit Cards You Can Use To Manage Your Spending

Prepaid cards work differently to other types of bank cards and are an excellent tool for budgeting, shopping, making online purchases or withdrawing cash at ATMs. The difference between credit cards and a pre-paid...
Things You Can Do With Bitcoin

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do With Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin may seem enigmatic to some but there are a lot of people who use them to carry out financial transactions or to make investments. While bitcoins may be not yet by...