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One of the most interesting developments in the global finance market has been the emergence of cryptocurrencies. Some people are excited by the potential, while others are understandably cautious, and there are still others who aren’t sure what to think of the whole situation.

The simplest explanation is that blockchain technology is the future of online transactions, and quite possibly all B2B and B2C transactions. The advantages over traditional currency types are remarkable.

Traditionalists fear cryptocurrency because they can’t control it or manipulate its value. This is the most attractive feature of a currency that is decentralized and secure.

For investors and speculators, the novelty of cryptocurrencies makes this actually an ideal market to be getting into. As the wider world of commerce gains confidence in cryptocurrencies, there should be a rapid upswing in momentum, where potentially massive profits are on offer for those who invest wisely.

One ICO for Two Token Choices

Swissborg is a DAO wealth management service launching an ICO for two new token products. That offering is going to be made on December 7, 2017. This initial offering will be the only offering the company will make.

The primary product is a CHSB token. Those who buy into this initial offering will have voting rights and revenue share. It works in a similar way to buying shares in a company, except in this case you are buying cryptocurrency tokens.

The second product is a CSB token, trading as the “Cryptallion”. It’s set up as a token hedge fund, similar in nature to a diversified share portfolio, except once again the focus is on cryptocurrencies rather than company shares.

This fund is a multi-strategy investment platform that diversifies investment into various low-risk investment channels, giving investors the best chance of measurable positive ROI. The hedge fund structure means there is a stronger focus on absolute returns, and for this, there is a strong incentive for the hedge fund manager to ensure there are always positive returns in each quarter.

Currently, the cryptallion stands out from the major competing token products because it is a multi-strategy fund instead of a single strategy fund. This diversifies risk (and keeps risk to a minimum) and provides more opportunities to see positive returns. The result is a better risk-to-return profile, making the cryptallion appear to be the safer long-term investment option with a potential for quick returns with a high safety margin.

More information on these ICO token products is available in the SwissBorg white paper.

Smart Mandate

SwissBorg is using smart contracts in the transactional model. The Smart Mandate is an investment mandate encoded in a smart contract. This allows collaboration between the client and multiple financial advisors simultaneously. The client can then configure custom financial strategies in accordance with their own requirements.

Cyborg Advisor

SwissBorg has also invested significantly in the development of sophisticated AI algorithms to create a system that makes selecting and applying sensible investment strategies easy and accurate.

The Big Picture

The offering from SwissBorg is innovative and somewhat different from typical ICOs that have been seen in the past. From the details that SwissBorg has published, it would appear that:

  •         The CHSB is providing added value through being tied to actual ownership/stakeholding, and this, in turn, suggests improved credibility compared to unsecured crypto offerings.
  •         The CSB offers a potentially high safety margin and good chance for consistent ROI to be gained,
  •         More power is in the hands of the investor with innovations such as Smart Mandate and Cyborg Advisor.

These pioneering efforts from SwissBorg may create a new dimension in the cryptocurrency investment market, where the true power of decentralization can really shine. It is one of the most exciting ICO issues to have come along in quite a while, and there are plenty of reasons to be interested.

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