5 Great Sources To Stay Up-To-Date With Bitcoin News

bitcoin news

Since the impressive rally of the digital currency bitcoin in the last six months, more and more people are asking me for more information on bitcoin. Hence, I have decided to write a list of sources for bitcoin news so that you can learn more about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as stay up-to-date with market developments.

Bitcoin Media Outlets

Obviously, the first go-to options for bitcoin news are bitcoin media outlets. The leading bitcoin news sites include CoinDesk, Brave New Coin, CyrptoCoinsNews, Bitcoin Magazine, and BTCManager. I contribute to the latter two to on the topic of digital currency investing on a weekly basis.

I recommend you sign up to some of their newsletters to get the most important bitcoin news in your inbox.


Blogs that focus on bitcoin, technology or investing are also a great source for bitcoin news and “how-to” guides to help you develop your understanding of the digital asset market. Due to the steep increase in the number of questions I have been receiving from readers about bitcoin and digital currency investing in the last few months, I have added a new category on Smart Money Smart Living titled Bitcoin & The Blockchain, where I will be adding more bitcoin-related content in the coming months.

Another blog I love and highly recommend if you want to learn more about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, is TheMerkle.

Bitcoin Forums

The BitcoinTalk forum and the bitcoin subreddit are great sources for information. Especially, if you are looking to invest in smaller cryptocurrencies that receive less news coverage. Signing up is for free and you can ask questions when you need to.

Facebook Groups

Next to bitcoin forums, Facebook Groups are an excellent place to receive information about what’s going on in specific cryptocurrencies or what Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) could be interesting investments. I am a member of several bitcoin Facebook Groups and can recommend The Cryptocurrency Collectors Club as well as the ICO Investing Group, which I have launched in early 2017 to discuss upcoming cryptocurrency ICOs.

The Trollbox

The trollbox refers to the chat box on digital currency exchanges where traders can talk to each other to discuss the market. There are usually a few people in those chat boxes who really know what they are talking about but you will also find users simply trolling each other regarding their trades.

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