25 Ways To Make $100 That Actually Work

Ways to Make $100

If you are looking to earn a little extra to help you pay off debt or if you want to start one or two new side hustles to increase your income, the goods news is that there are many ways to make $100 or more within a short period of time. In this article, you will be introduced to 25 ways to make $100 (and more) that actually work.

1. Open a bank account with a signing bonus

There are banks that will offer you a bonus just for signing with them. The bonus is deposited into your account after you have met the requirements. The Chase Total Checking Account, for example, offers you a $200 signing bonus.

2. Rent out your possesions

If you have equipment you don’t use all the time, you can rent them and make some extra money. Things like cars, music gear and sports gear can make you money while you are not using them. Get started on Turo, Spinlister and Sparkplug if you want to rent out your idle items.

3. Sell things you don’t use

You probably own things that you neither need nor use anymore. You can sell these items if they are in good condition. Old clothes, electronics, movies, music CDs, unused gift cards and novelty items can fetch a good price. You can use sites like Amazon, Ebay and Craigslist to sell your items. Alternatively, you can hold a yard sale out of your home.

4. Monetize your hobby

If you have a hobby that you are good at, you can use it to make money. If you are crafty, you can make things and sell them off Etsy. If you are into photography, you can sell your pictures on Shutterstock. If you are into fitness, you can sign up at your local gym to be an instructor.

5. Babysitting

If you like children, you can make a decent amount through babysitting. Post an ad on your neighborhood board or start with people you know who need a sitter. Charging as little as ten dollars an hour can make you 100 dollars if you do two five hour slots over a weekend!

6. Pet sitting/Dog walking

If you prefer the company of animals, taking care of people’s pets is a great way to make some extra money. You can walk dogs or have pets stay with you when their owners are out of town. Rover can help you get started with that.

7. House sitting

People who leave town for extended periods of time need people to take care of their homes while they are away. This can earn you a good amount. TrustedHouseSitters.com is a good place to start for example.

8. Join a focus group

Corporates want to hear feedback from the public. By joining a focus group, you will be helping a business better itself and earn between $50-150 in the process. Find out more here.

9. Use your car for advertising

Your car can make you some extra money if you do no mind driving around with promotional advertising on it. Register on Carvertise to get started.

10. Do chores for pay

There are plenty of chores you can do for pay. Cutting lawns, painting, spring cleaning, shoveling snow, cleaning gutters, pools and carpets are just a few things you can do and get paid for. Handy can help you get started out.

11. Be a mystery shopper

You can become a mystery shopper and get paid to visit and evaluate restaurants, shops and other services around you. It is a fun way to make money. Sign up here to start.

12. Market research

Companies testing out new products and services are always looking for consumers to help them with this. Pay varies from $20 up to $1000 per product test. You can get started here.

13. Pick up micro projects

Micro projects are small tasks such as running errands or picking up laundry that you get paid a small amount for. Since these tasks are small, you can do many and, thereby, earn a significant amount. Gigwalk, Postmates and Fiverr are good places to start.

14. Rent out your unused spaces

You can put the unused spaces in your home to work by renting them out. An extra bedroom, an unused garage or driveway or just extra space that can be used for storage can make you money. Airbnb and Justpark can help you get started.

15. Tutor children

Tutoring school children is a good way to make some extra money especially if you like working with kids. Rates differ from place to place but you can schedule your slots well and make a significant amount in a short period of time.

16. Teach a language

If you are proficient in more than one language you can make extra money by teaching others this language. You can put up physical ads in your neighborhood or sign up on Verbling to get started.

17. Teach music or a musical instrument

If you can read music or can play a musical instrument, you can put this to good use by teaching others and getting paid to do so. Put up ads in your area to get started.

18. Freelance writing

If you enjoy writing then you can make some extra money by become a freelance writer. There is a wide range of topics to write on and rates depend on how good your articles are. You can get started here.

19. Social media management

Businesses pay a good amount to have someone take care of their online presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Get started by pitching to small businesses in your area if social media management is something you would like to do part-time.

20. Create or edit videos

If you enjoy creating and editing videos, you can get paid to create videos for businesses and families. Put up ads and fliers in your area or online to get started.

21. Use your computer skills

If you know your way around a computer, you can teach the more technologically challenged people in your area, like seniors, how to work with computers. You can also teach graphic design or how to set up simple websites. To get started, you can put up ads in your neighborhood.

22. Become a translator

If you are proficient in more than one language, you can make some extra money by translating documents from one language to another. Proz and Translaterscafe can help you get started.

23. Become a virtual assistant

Virtual assisting consists of small tasks such as editing documents and organizing work commitments. All you require is an internet connection and computer. You can find job postings on UpWork.

24. Take up data entry jobs

Data entry jobs are an easy way to make some extra money. You can find job postings on UpWork and Monster.

25. Sign up for medical research studies

You can participate in medical research studies and get paid for them. You can ask in your local hospitals or check out this site to find more medical research studies that you can participate in.