5 Apps That Will Help You Track Your Personal Finances Like a Pro

track your personal finances

Once upon a time, keeping track of your finances was an extremely difficult and time-consuming task. However, recent technological advancements made this tedious chore much easier and it can now be done with the tips of your fingers. In this article, you will be introduced to five smartphone apps that will help you track your personal finances like a pro.

Wallet – Budget Tracker/ Wallet – Personal Finance Tracker (Android/iOS)

Many people spend the week or two before next month’s paycheck repeating the same question over and over again, “where did all my money go?” Fortunately, there is the app Wallet that can help you with that. Wallet is a useful personal finance app that aims to prevent that from happening and gives you an answer to that dreaded question. The feature you’re probably going to use the most is tracking your expenses by introducing a series of categories that reflect your spending habits. Anything from bills, your mortgage, and insurance to nights-out, snacks, and online purchases. You can assign as many subcategories to a single category as you need to better track your spending habits. For example, under the category pets, you can add subcategories such as vet, food, toys etc. This way, you’ll be able to get a detailed look at your expenses and plan budget cuts accordingly. The app also comes with notifications, such as if you are overspending or if the app predicts you may exceed the budget you previously defined. Complete with advanced features like an automatic bank account synchronization, account sharing, extra protection and a thorough chart report you can export, this is by far one of the best apps you can use to develop smarter spending habits.

Tiny Scanner (Android/iOS)

While this handy app has many uses, it can also help you track your finances. You could use this handy app to scan anything from receipts to discount coupons. What makes this app better than your default camera app is that it is able to detect the edges, making your scans look more like scans. You can also sync this app with your preferred Cloud service so you can keep all your important scanned documents in one place. If you ever need to bring up an old receipt, the app has a quick search option. Tiny Scanner works on phones and tablets and the best thing is that it’s completely free. Documents, receipts, and coupons can get misplaced, while all the scans you sync with a Cloud are here as long as you don’t manually delete them. With the help of this app, you can improve your finance tracking and make your life a lot easier.

Bankruptcy Recovery Guide (Android)

Filing for bankruptcy without professional representation can be extremely difficult. Just ask anyone who’s been there. But the worst thing about it is that any mistakes you make while filing for bankruptcy can cost you your case, BK Lawyers warn. That’s why apps like Bankruptcy Recovery Guide were designed to provide all the information you might need if you are considering filing for bankruptcy, including the different types of bankruptcy, how the process works and other useful information. If for some reason you are forced to file for bankruptcy yourself, being thoroughly educated on the subject will only work to your advantage.

IOU – Debt Manager (Android/iOS)

IOU is an app somewhat similar to other finance tracking apps out there, but with a more specific purpose in mind. This app helps you keep track of how much you owe and how much others owe you. Apart from these two categories, there’s a separate tab where you can add the contacts of everyone you own or owns you. You can also set the date and method of payment, including periodic ones and even add borrowed possessions not related to finance at all. To make tracking debts even more convenient, your account is synced across all devices. Finally, if you ever need to, you can see your settled debts history.

Credit Karma (Android/iOS)

Credit Karma is an app that can help you seamlessly retrieve and keep track of your credit score. The best thing is that you don’t even have to add your credit card number to be able to use most of its features, which include a detailed explanation of what each of the scores means for you. It can also provide customized recommendations that fit your financial profile. Finally, the app can deliver notifications on a weekly or a daily basis to help you keep track of changes in your credit profile.

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