The Single Most Important Investment You Can Make

financial intelligence

Friends and readers of my blog regularly ask me “Alex, what should I invest in?” While I am happy to explain how the financial markets work, what investment opportunities there are and what I personally invest in, my first response is always “the best investment you can make is to develop financial intelligence”.


Developing financial intelligence, also known as financial literacy, is not just about learning how to invest. It is about understanding how your daily financial transactions work, knowing what is right for your financial well-being and what is not, and being able to recognize when you are being over charged. Your current and future financial well-being is your responsibility!

There are a lot of new services out there that can help you to make financial decisions, such as personal budgeting apps that link to your bank account, robo-advisors to help you with your investment decisions, and financial advice blogs like the one you are reading now. However, the more you know about money and how it works, the better your financial decisions will be.

To help you increase your level of financial intelligence and give you all the information you need to develop the financial awareness you need to make smart financial decisions, I have written the eBook Everything You Need To Know About Money – The Complete Financial Intelligence Handbook.

In this book, I cover all aspects of personal finance including banking, credit cards, tax, pensions, loans and mortgages, investments, among several others.

In this book, you will discoverfinancial intelligence

  • how you can reduce your banking fees
  • how to avoid falling into the debt trap
  • how to pay off your debt using a consolidation loan
  • how to invest in real estate without having to buy property
  • what types of insurance you actually need and which ones you don’t
  • how to make more money that you can use to pay off debt or invest
  • how using fintech services can improve your financial life

I have also included a chapter about the cryptocurrency bitcoin and whether it is a good investment or not.

If you want to invest in yourself by learning how to make smarter financial decisions, you can purchase the ebook here.


Alex founded in 2015 to empower millennials to take control of their financial future. He is a former bond trader who is passionate about cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and investing.