20 Ways To Make Money While Traveling

In this age of globalization and modern technology, long-term travel has not only become more affordable but now you are also able to fund your travels much easier while on the road. Whether you choose to carry your work with you as a digital nomad or work on location once you get there, there are many ways to make money while traveling.

1. Freelancing

Websites like Freelancer and Upwork allow you to upload your profile and market your skills to clients from across the world. Anything from finance and accounting skills to blog writing, coding and web-designing can earn you an excellent income while traveling.

2. Remote Working

Whether you are trying it out with your boss back home or applying for a specifically designed remote job with a company that has a remote team, it is one of the best ways to earn an income while traveling.

3. Working in a hostel

A great number of hostels worldwide like offering staff jobs like receptionist jobs or cleaning jobs in exchange for a bed at night. Certainly not a bad way to save some money. Two popular websites are hosteljobs.net and hosteltraveljobs.com.

4. Bartending or working in a cafe

coffee-692560_640In tourist hotspots, there are often cafes and bars that pay ‘cash in hand’ to travelers who want to work and are willing to stay in one spot for a while. Cafes and bars in backpacker areas tend to be your best bet. I met a few travelers working in cafes while I was in Penang for a few months earlier this year actually.

5. Put your apartment on Airbnb

While traveling, there’s no reason why your apartment at home cannot be making you some extra cash. Put it on Airbnb and manage it while you travel. You could have a friend or family member do the on-site management when guests arrive.

6. House-sitting

While your own apartment back home is on Airbnb, you could help someone else across the world by house-sitting for them. Though it will not pay, it will save you a lot of accommodation expenses. You can try out TrustedHouseSitters.com.

7. Airbnb referrals and travel credits

Ways To Make Money While TravelingThis one will work if you help others back home and at your destination join Airbnb. You will earn credit when an invited friend completes a qualifying reservation as a guest or as a host. You could earn up to $5,000 in travel credit. Another thing you could do is help manage Airbnb property listings for a fee.

8. Tutoring online

There are many options when it comes to becoming an online tutor. You could choose between language teaching to specific subject tutoring. There are a couple of online tutoring websites that you could sign up on like WizIQ and Skype Tuition. Or you could set up your own personalized online school on web services like Udemy or Teachable.

9. Teaching English

This one is a no-brainer, especially in countries where English is a second language. Schools and institutions, particularly in Latin America and Asia, pay teachers well for a few hours of work a day.

10. Teach a skill

Are you great at playing the guitar? Are you great at dancing the tango? Do you play the piano really well? Or are you a certified yogi? Whatever it is, you can monetize it in whatever country you go to and earn extra income teaching it to people who would like to learn.

11. Busking

If you can play an instrument and it’s not too big to carry with you on your travels,  you could perform in front of street crowds in whatever country you visit. The cash in the hat might not be much but it will be enough for coffee and bar. (You might want to check beforehand where you are allowed to busk and where you aren’t.)

12. Become a tour guide

Another way to earn an income while abroad is by working as an English-speaking tour guide for a local tourism company. You will get to see amazing places for close to nothing, you will meet a lot of people and you will earn some extra income to fund your travels.

13. Photography

hipster-865295_640If you are good at it, photography can earn you money while traveling. There are two ways of making this happen. One way is to sell your stock photos on websites such as iStock Photo, SmugMug or Foap. The other way would be taking professional photos at events in your destination.

14. Taking online surveys

Though they don’t pay too much, doing online surveys from sites such as Opinion Outpost and Global Test Market can earn you some extra pocket money when done in bulk.

15. User-testing online

Another great way to earn cash while traveling is to do user-testing. There are a number of websites you can sign up for like User Testing and Loop11.

16. Sell your arts and crafts at local markets

If you are great with your hands and can create exquisite paintings and crafts, they why not sell them at a local art market or festival in the destination country? You can do it physically or you could even set up an online shop for the same.

17. Cruise ship employment

How much better can earning while traveling get if not for Cruise Ship Employment? It gives great pay considering what you are getting. It gives you solid work experience and allows you to see the world.

18. Seasonal work

Seasonal work, such as helping out during harvest, is another way to earn extra income to fund your travels. If you can handle being outdoors all day and don’t mind getting dirty, you can search for farms in need of a helping hand in the countries you are traveling to.

19. E-commerce

man-person-jumping-desertA popular business amongst digital nomads and seasoned long-term travelers is e-commerce. Whether you run an online shop using a drop shipping business model or you purchase inventory cheap and sell it on for more via Amazon, there are many ways in which you can set up an e-commerce business that can fund your travels.

20. Promote companies and services on social media

If you have a sizeable social media following you can earn a little extra income by promoting companies, products, and services. Platforms, such as Tomoson, can match you up with brands looking for promotion on social media.

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