A Guide to Buying Everything on Your Shopping List this Xmas Using Bitcoin

The Christmas season is getting under way and your shopping list is probably already complete. Meanwhile, you could be wondering whether it is possible to pay for everything in it using Bitcoin.

Yes, indeed you can buy all the gifts you intend to share with family and friends during this holiday season using Bitcoin, and it does not matter what the items are. As a matter of fact, the system is already there to facilitate in every aspect.

Therefore, if you have a few bitcoins tucked away in a wallet somewhere or you find the idea of shopping for Xmas with Bitcoin alluring enough for you, stick around and I will tell you how and where to pull this off. It isn’t magic, though.

Over 106, 000 merchants accepting Bitcoin directly

Online retail stores that sell practically everything you need for cryptocurrency are no longer hard to find. It is 2015 and it does not sound crazy anymore that a reputable merchant is accepting the cryptocurrency.

Currently, some of the most popular Bitcoin accepting online retail stores include Overstock.com, Bitcoin Shop and Bitdazzle.com. This is in addition to tens of thousands of brick and mortar stores in cities and towns around the globe. To find one of the latter that is near you, Bitcoin merchants’ maps such as Coinmap and Bitcoinmaps can come handy.

According to Coindesk’s State of Bitcoin and Blockchain 2015 third quarter report, there are already over 106, 000 merchants online and offline that directly accept bitcoin as payment. I know what you may be thinking about this number; that it is too small to make it possible for you to be near or accessible to one of them.

That is still a valid concern in 2015. However, there are several other ways to have an even bigger pool of merchants accessible to you, where you can spend your bitcoin.

Millions of merchants accessible through intermediaries

One of these ways is to buy digital gift cards from Gyft.com. In turn, you will use these cards to shop. Gyft.com is a digital gift card platform where you can buy, send, and manage gift cards.

It is among the first brands that incorporated Bitcoin into their payment methods. Through this single brand, you have access to over 200 of the most popular retail stores and other brands to shop from using Bitcoin.

Some of the names in this list include Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, American Eagle, Brookstone, Burger King, Gamestop, GAP, Lowes, Marriott, Nike and Sports Authority.

In the event that using gift cards is not appealing to you, there are several Bitcoin shopping exchanges that serve as links to many of these popular retail stores. On these platforms, you order using Bitcoins and someone will be ready to pay for the shopping using conventional payment methods and keep the bitcoins. One of these platforms is Purse.io, which, by the way, makes each item cheaper by 5%.

No excuse to shop entirely on Bitcoin

Also worth mentioning is that you can also travel to meet family and friends over Xmas or go to that deserved tour, all paid for in the cryptocurrency. This, in particular, is possible through California-based travel agency CheapAir.com. The company helps to arrange flights as well as accommodation in over 200,000 hotels around the world.

Last but not least, you have the option of applying for a Shift card, a debit card that Coinbase is issuing. Being a Visa card, it opens to you over 38 million merchants worldwide to shop from. However, it is currently available only to Coinbase users residing in twenty-four states in the U.S.

With all these options at your disposal, you hardly have a reason not to make this Christmas work, only on Bitcoin and retain all the fun.

Rupert specializes in the digital currency and online payments space and is currently studying the world’s first Master's in digital currencies alongside entrepreneurship. He writes for multiple bitcoin publications and regularly blogs for buyabitcoin.com.au.